Monday, 18 June 2007

Russian doughnuts

It is ten past one in the morning and we are in Moscow. Just a quick blog to let people know that the search is over - I have found russian dougnuts. They're quite dense like a berliner only more so. The jam is very synthetic but perhaps in a good way as it helps breaks the denseness. To be honest i liked it, but then its a doughnut, i was never not going to. I liked it's unique qualities but i'll need a couple more before a rating. For now though bed.

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Andy said...

You chose an expensive and time consuming way to try out the worlds doughnuts, old friend. Not to mention dangerous - Putin is trying his hardest to get the cold war going again. He could well call in some old favours with his KGB friends and have you and Katherine locked up for being spies. Always watch your backs. You'll need a mirror for this obviously, but it's just the sort of place Putin would hide. But anyway, according to my phone it is The Campo's birthday today, so, Happy Birthday. Did you get the card I sent by horse courier? No? Then who the hell's got your card? Unbelievable.