Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Itinery Part 4 - China Incursion

We arrive into China on the 23rd of July (Happy Birthday Vicki and Grandma) at 14:31 Moscow time!!!!!! or 18:31 Beijing time for those of you that see sense. This particular stay in China is only for a week. A week you say, that's not long! and you'd be right it isn't. You see, we've booked a trip round China in a tour group (as China is nigh on impossible to do by yourself unless you speak Chinese and are in fact Chinese) for later on in the trip. However we have a week to kill waiting for a ferry to Japan so we're exploring Beijing and Shanghai, which are about the only tourist accessible cities for Westerners. So for those of you that like dates, we stay in Beijing till the 25th, when we take a sleeper train to Shanghai. We then stay in Shanghai till the 28th, when we take a sleeper train to Tianjin. We are then staying the night in one of the loveliest four star hotels I have ever seen. Brilliantly, this is costing us £15 each. Nice. Then on the 30th, at 10:30, we board a ferry from Tianjin to Kobe.

Onwards, to part 5 - Japan...

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